Our Humanist Values

Humanist Explorer is an organization that subscribes to positive humanism. Positive humanism, a flavor of humanism, places great emphasis on promoting human flourishing and well-being through individual and prosocial actions. 

We see our place in the humanist community as one that creates space and brings people together to foster relationships, increase connectedness, inform, and give humanists tools to engage in advocacy.  

As positive humanists: 

  • We don’t attack religion, but we recognize the importance of pointing out its flaws 
  • We are defined by what we stand for; not what we are against 
  • We work to build a positive, open, and inclusive community 

As an organization: 

  • We work to find common humanity with those we engage with 
  • We don’t engage in advocacy, but we help our members advocate for what’s important to them 

Our long-term goals: 

  • Promote collective action in service of our humanist values 
  • Build a mutual aid network of humanists to aid in times of crisis and disaster 

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