Attending a Humanist Event: What to Expect

If you’re new to the humanist community or exploring life without religion, you’ve probably got questions about what happens at a humanist event. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that a humanist gathering is a bunch of people sitting around talking about their disdain for religion, the need for more separation between church and state, and lots of “woke” liberalism – the media and pop culture have done an excellent job propagating that idea across society. It’s not terribly accurate.

Of course, when any group of like-minded people gather, there’s bound to be some conversation of shared beliefs and values. But we know what we have in common, and we’ve got more interesting things to talk about. In the humanist community, you’ll find a group of people with a diverse set of interests. At our gatherings, you’ll find people discussing everything from the coolest 3D print they just completed to Dungeons & Dragons to current events to plants & gardening, and virtually everything in between.

What makes the humanist community great is the diversity of interests, perspectives, and experiences.

Attending an Event

Head over to our Calendar of Events page and find an event. We collect RSVPs through our website so we can get a large enough space for everyone who is attending, so please RSVP to let us know you’re coming.

We try to include specific information about where we’ll be in the venue, so you know where to find us. If the venue lets us, we’ll have some type of a sign up to make it easier to notice our group. You can also let us know you’re coming, and we’ll send you an email with the host’s cell phone number so you can text us if you’re having trouble locating us.

Once you get to the event, grab a chair and say hi. Event hosts and other members are responsible for welcoming new people to the group. We’re working to build a community that’s open, positive, and inclusive, so we have a code of conduct to make sure that our space stays that way. You can read the full version here, but it basically boils down to “don’t be a jerk to others.”

Types of Events

Humanist Explorer has two main types of events social and educational.

  • Social events are unstructured and a good opportunity to visit with humanists and other like-minded individuals. Generally, small groups coalesce, and people float between groups as the conversation moves between topics.
  • Educational events have a bit more structure to them. Each event will have a conversation topic and usually a facilitator to keep the conversation moving along and to ensure that all voices are heard.

The Omaha Metro Area Humanist Association (OMAHA) and R.E.A.S.O.N. Omaha are two other groups that frequently host events of interest to humanists, atheists, and secular-minded individuals. You can find more information about events on their website. There’s a lot of crossover between groups, so you’re likely to see someone you know when you attend an OMAHA or R.E.A.S.O.N. event.

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