Exploring Positive Humanism: The Freewill Problem

Free will, Determinism, or Something Else What is the nature of free will? Is it absolute, or is it does free will exist on a continuum? Is understanding free will necessary to shape a better world or is it a philosophical thought exercise with little practical implication? As an applied philosophy, positive humanism is interested …

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Exploring Positive Humanism: Positive Humanism as a Moral Foundation

As humanists, we have chosen to ground morality in human well-being. But how can something as subjective as “well-being” be the foundation of a moral philosophy & worldview? In this guided conversation, we’ll discuss how positive humanism addresses this dilemma and delivers a consistent sense of right and wrong without appealing to a supernatural power.

Our Inaugural Event

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first-ever event! We had a great time discussing positive humanism. The conversation started off with a discussion of what humanism is. From there, we turned our attention to an overview of positive humanism.